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Edgewood College Social Innovation & Sustainability Professional Development Offerings
Spring 2017

Adaptive Leadership
Instructor: Michael Mucha, Chief Engineer & Director of the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
Course Description: Adaptive Leadership, developed at Harvard University, is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. It is being able, both individually and collectively, to take on the gradual but meaningful process of change. This course provides proven tools for anyone working to implement change in a dynamic environment. It offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to assessing the situation and oneself to respond more effectively to both emerging challenges and opportunities. The course is taught by Michael Mucha, Director of the Madison Metropolitan Sewage District and draws from his experience in a broad range of organizational and community change efforts.
Dates: Saturdays, March 4, 11, 18 & 25 | 9am-Noon
Location: Predolin Hall, Room 118 | Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus
Cost: $295 (materials included)

Entrepreneurship for Social Good
Instructor: Amy Gannon, faculty, Edgewood College School of Business and co-founder of The Doyenne Group 
Course Description: Entrepreneurship for Social Good provides the foundation for anyone interested in starting a for-profit or non-profit organization with a mission to develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural, and/or environmental issues. By the end of the course, students will have created a viable business plan and received feedback from current entrepreneurs.
Dates: Mondays, February 6, 13, 20 & 27 | 5:30-9:30pm
Location: Predolin Hall, Room 118 | Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus
Cost: $525 (materials included)

Mindful Leadership Workshop
Instructor: Lisa Baker, psychologist, consultant, mindfulness teacher and facilitator
Workshop Description: We are all leaders. We all impact the success and effectiveness of our organizations and the health of our communities. Leadership involves responsibility, service, and commitment which can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering, while also being a source of stress. The applied skills and practices of mindful leadership have emerged as a way to support well-being, sustainability, and effectiveness at work and at home. This training is an introduction to the application of mindful leadership.
Date: Friday, February 24 | 8-10am
Location: Room TBD | Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus
Cost: $35

Social Entrepreneurship for Educators
Instructor: Roxie Hentz, Founder of CEOs of Tomorrow
Course Description: See how youth, community and business collide as you learn to guide your students in opening a real classroom business-like venture that solves a social problem or benefits society. Leave the course with ready-to-use detailed lessons, interactive activities and group projects - all of which have been aligned to math, literacy, entrepreneurship and 21st Century standards. Roxie Hentz has 25 years of experience as a teacher, teacher-mentor, non-profit director, and professor.
Dates: Thursdays, March 2 - April 6 |  4:30-6:30pm
Location: Predolin Hall, Room 308 | Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus
Cost: $350 (materials included)

Summit on Mindfulness for an Inclusive, Just and Sustainable World: Transforming Self and Systems
Instructor: Lisa Baker, psychologist, consultant, mindfulness teacher and facilitator
Summit Description: Mindfulness frameworks and practices are powerful tools for supporting inner and outer transformational work and change-making. This summit brings together individuals and groups interested in exploring ways diverse mindfulness frameworks and practices can help cultivate individual and collective strength, empowerment, and compassion toward building, supporting, and sustaining inclusive, just, and sustainable organizations and communities. The Summit will be structured in a way that creates a space to encourage mindful presence and authentic connection with the aim to discover ways that mindfulness can be most useful and best applied more broadly in collective social change work and in each participants’ work and spheres of influence.
Date: Friday, March 31 |  9 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Regina Hall, Washburn Heritage Room | Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus
Cost: $TBD (materials, lunch and snacks included)

Introduction to Mindful Leadership
Instructor: Lisa Baker, psychologist, consultant, mindfulness teacher and facilitator
Course Description:  Learn how mindfulness concepts and practices can help us cultivate our natural abilities to lead with excellence. This course provides a deep exploration of mindfulness practices aimed at cultivating our awareness, focus, authenticity and compassion – qualities that enhance our ability as leaders to create safe and trusting environments. Participants will explore how to apply these qualities to enhance their professional and personal lives, including creating more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments.
Dates: Mondays, April 10 - May 15 | 5:30-7:30pm
Location: Mazzuchelli Hall, Room 104 | Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus
Cost: $350 (materials and light snacks included)

Design Thinking  |  In collaboration with Design Concepts
Instructors: This course is taught by a team of professionals from Design Concepts.
Course Description: Unleash and harness your creative energy to help you and your organization solve difficult problems. Participants in the class will learn the basics of Design Thinking and how to use it to create new ideas, open up new possibilities and fuel creativity when feeling stuck. Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving. It ensures that you are solving the right problems and asking the right questions to most effectively meet the needs of those who will be served by a new product, service, process, or program. Design
Date: Friday, February 24 | 8-10am
Location: Room TBD | Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus
Cost: $35

Partner Organization Courses

Yahara Watershed Academy
Instructors: Steve Vavrus, faculty at UW-Nelson Institute and Ashleigh Ross, faculty at Edgewood College Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership
Course Description: The Yahara Watershed Academy is a training and leadership-development experience that aims to build and empower a regional network of informed leaders for our watershed. The course will provide students with the knowledge, tools, leadership skills, and resource connections needed to meet today’s land and water conservation challenges effectively and sustainably. In addition to attending classes, students will work on individual or group action plans and projects to be completed after the conclusion of the course. Course themes include, The Land Ethic, climate impacts, health & economic connections, limnology, leadership, and community inclusion. Please see the program website and program summary for more information about the curriculum and how to apply.
Dates: In 2017, full-day classes will be held the first Tuesday of February (2/7), March (3/7), April (4/4), May (5/2), and June (6/6)
Location: Classes will be held in indoor and outdoor venues throughout the watershed.
Cost: $600


Journey of Facilitation & Collaboration  |  In collaboration with Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration
Instructors: Darin Harris, Steve Davis and Harry Webne Behrman
Course Description: In this 5-day workshop, you’ll be introduced to a comprehensive model for facilitation, one that balances “hard” and “soft” skills. Using hands-on, multi-modal approaches, we’ll take you beyond theory to walk the path of mastery using a holistic set of 20 facilitation competencies. These competencies are based on a new model encompassing twenty archetypes of the integral facilitator, informed by the “integral” philosophy of Ken Wilber. This course will offer you the attitudes and hands-on practice you need to serve in the role of facilitator with increased confidence, and will help expand your self-knowledge and ability to self-manage, skills critical to your success as a leader. If you are an experienced facilitator, this is your chance to take your existing practice of facilitation into some new terrain with a fresh new model that offers increasing depth and breadth of practice. We look forward to taking this journey with you! The winter course is full, but check the Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration web site for upcoming information and registration for the summer course.
Winter Course Dates: January 9-13, 2017 (8:30-4:30 daily) CLASS IS FULL
Summer Course Dates: June 12-16, 2017 (8:30-4:30 daily)

Permaculture Design Certificate  |  In Collaboration with Madison Permaculture Guild
Instructors: Kate Heiber-Cobb and Marion Farrior
Course Description: This course, offered at sites off-campus through the Madison Area Permaculture Guild, encompasses 72 hours of training, over half involving participatory education, hands-on projects and local tours. Students learn large and small-scale permaculture design and natural systems, soil building and ecosystems, foraging and wild crafting, fungi (food, soil and remediation), water systems, plant guilds and forest gardens, energy systems, invisible systems, social permaculture and community building, intensive food systems and animals, urban permaculture solutions, biomimicry and patterns, and the natural built environment. For more information and to register when registration opens, please visit the Madison Permaculture Guild web site.
Dates: April 7-9, May 19-21, and June 16-18, 2017
Location: Stillpoint Farm in Brooklyn, WI
Cost: $1,000