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Do you have a stand-out writer in your class? Please let me know. The Writing Center hires excellent writers from all majors. Contact Writing Center Director Deb Kruse-Field dkrusefield@edgewood.edu.

Three effective practices for teaching writing

What practices make the most difference in student learning? Teaching with writing can have a big impact on student learning, or not, depending on how you assign. Below is a two-page newsletter relaying recent key findings in writing scholarship.

 Three Effective Practices for Teaching Writing

What Makes Writing Meaningful

Writing Center Newsletter January 2018 for a summary of January 2018 Seminar guest Michele Eodice's work. The Writing Center also has copies of Eodice's book The Meaningful Writing Project available to borrow.

What do your students get out of using the Writing Center?

Our tutors work with your students from where they are, and show them steps to get to where they want to be. We engage in meaningful conversations about writing, and offer constructive feedback about what students can improve. We don’t turn a “C” paper into an “A” paper, and often extensive work on thesis and organization may leave surface errors. When students come in ten minutes before the paper is due, we do what we can, and suggest they come back earlier next time. When students do extensive revisions and come back trumpeting their success, we tell them not to thank us. They did the work themselves. Please encourage your students to come in and work with us.

See our Hierarchy of Concerns 2017 for what we work on, and how we talk about it.

Schedule a workshop or consultation

Invite me to your class. I can explain the benefits of tutoring, work on a specific writing assignment, co-teach a particular lesson or project, or sit in for a peer review session.

A note about tutoring vs. editing: Writing tutors are happy to work with you to consider the structure, voice, and general grammar patterns in your paper. Unlike editing, they will not correct every error that they find. You, the writer, are ultimately responsible for the final paper.

MEET WITH US! to get started.

If you choose to "drop off" a paper online, writing tutors have 48 hours to provide written feedback.


Deb Kruse-Field
Deb Kruse-Field
Writing Center Director/Writing Program Co-Director