Student Resources

Student Resources

You can stop in and ask us a quick question or to review a sentence or two. The resources below will help you find some answers to common punctuation and citation issues.

Grammar and Style Guides

Edgewood Library Citation Style Guides

APA Blog

Purdue OWL

UW Madison Writing Center Resource

APA FAQs esp for Nursing 412

Sample APA cover sheet

A note about tutoring vs. editing: Writing tutors are happy to work with you to consider the structure, voice, and general grammar patterns in your paper. Unlike editing, they will not correct every error that they find. You, the writer, are ultimately responsible for the final paper.

MEET WITH US! to get started.

If you choose to "drop off" a paper online, writing tutors have 48 hours to provide written feedback.


Deb Kruse-Field
Deb Kruse-Field
Writing Center Director/Writing Program Co-Director