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Accounting Graduate Certificate

To earn the Accounting Graduate Certificate students complete at least five of the twelve courses listed below. The choice of courses allows you to select a focus in a specific area of accounting. Some courses are not offered in every semester. You will work with an advisor in the School of Business to create an individualized plan that will complete the certificate and the focus you select. Some courses also have prerequisites.

Many courses completed within the Accounting Certificate may count toward the degee requirements or prerequisites in the MS-Accountancy program. If you intend to apply the certificate courses toward the MSA, check with your academic advisor to make sure you're selecting the appropriate courses.

1. BUS 703 Intermediate Accounting I
Prerequisite: Certificate prerequisites complete or consent of instructor.

2. BUS 704 Intermediate Accounting II
Prerequisites: Bus 703.

3. BUS 705 Cost Accounting
Prerequisite: Certificate prerequisites complete or consent of instructor.

4. BUS 706 Auditing
Prerequisite: BUS 704 or concurrent registration 

5. BUS 707 Income Tax Accounting I
Prerequisites: Certificate prerequisites complete or consent of instructor.

6. BUS 709 Income Tax Accounting II
Prerequisite: BUS 707

7. BUS 723 Business Law II
Prerequisite: Certificate prerequisites complete or consent of instructor.

8. BUS 725 Accounting Systems
Prerequisites: BUS 703 or concurrent registration, or consent of instructor

9. BUS 726 Advanced Accounting I
Prerequisite: BUS 704

10. BUS 727 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
Prerequisite: BUS 704

11. BUS 756 Fraud and Forensic Accounting
Prerequisite: BUS 706

12. BUS 714 Cost Accounting II
Prerequisite: BUS 705

Certificate Prerequisites

The following prerequisites are to be completed before, or soon after, beginning the certificate courses:

  • Mathematics: Proficiency at the level of college algebra is required.
  • An introductory statistics course
  • A business law course
  • An introductory course in financial accounting
  • An introductory course in managerial accounting.

Edgewood Coursework Satisfying Prerequisites

Students needing additional coursework to satisfy the certificate prerequisites may take the following Edgewood College courses (3 credits, unless otherwise indicated). Courses you have taken at other institutions may also meet these requirements. Your advisor will review your transcripts to identify which prerequisites you've met.

  • BUS 500: Algebra Review
  • BUS 503: Business Statistics
  • Note: BUS 502: Business Calculus may be taken by those wishing a business calculus course.
  • BUS 304: Law I  or BUS 504: Legal Environments
  • BUS 280: Financial Accounting or BUS 501: Financial Accounting
  • BUS 281: Managerial Accounting