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Art Department

The Art Department at Edgewood College is known to provide individual attention to its students within the diverse and lively setting of Madison - a hub for art and culture in the state of Wisconsin. Exposure and access to Madison's vibrant arts community coupled with individual attention expands students' creativity and artwork. The faculty at Edgewood College are attentive educators and practicing studio artists and designers. Each professor brings a personal specialization to the overall program and works one-on-one with you. Art studio classes vary in size from 5 to 15 students, allowing ample opportunity for personal development and collaboration with experienced artists.  The Art Department also offers opportunities for interdisciplinary study, field experiences, internships, and study abroad.


Fine Arts Awards are available to qualified students who plan to major in Art, Art and Design Teaching, Art Therapy, Graphic Design, or Web Design and Development.  Admission to the College and a portfolio review are required. For more information, please visit our Fine Arts Award page.


The Art Department is housed in a new 44,000-square-foot visual and theatre arts center that is home to:

  • Studio space dedicated to graphic design, drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, web design, animation, and multi-media work.
  • A specialized laboratory-learning classroom for Art Therapy and Art & Design Teaching programming.
  • A sky-lit atrium
  • A professional, well-lit, climate-controlled art gallery with additional public spaces for student work to be displayed.

As an extension of the Art Department, the Edgewood College Gallery serves both the College and the public and provides a bridge between academic specialists, established arts patrons in the community, and newcomers to the arts. We offer contemporary, accessible and high-quality programming that responds to the needs of the community and serves an expansive spectrum of arts viewers—from the beginner to the mature and advanced arts lovers.  Many texts for exhibitions are available in large-print and Spanish. In some cases, audio/visual resources are available for instant download from the gallery using your personal mobile device.

The Painted Forest is located in Valton, WI. Edgewood College uses this site as an educational center and museum. The Painted Forest Art Studio and Study Center is a learning facility for educational programs, art workshops and cultural events. For more information, please visit the painted forest website.