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School of Integrative Studies

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program allows students to pursue a broad, interdisciplinary view of current environmental issues.  Our students combine coursework, research and involvement in the community (local and/or global) to gain the perspective and experience necessary to work toward a sustainable future.  Students combine this minor with other majors including art, biology, business, economics, education, political science and nursing.  The Environmental Studies minor prepares students for meaningful, collaborative work in areas such as teaching, research, consultation, writing and activism.

Ethnic Studies

Designed for students interested in the critical study of race and ethnicity from multiple disciplinary perspectives, the Ethnic Studies major and minor programs offer a wide range of courses that fulfill both Multicultural Perspectives and many other General Education requirements.  Ethnic Studies courses also complement many majors in the humanities, social sciences, the arts, and education, such as English, History, Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Art, Communication Studies, and various Education or Teaching majors. It is often possible to pair an Ethnic Studies major with a more traditional major or minor represented in the program.  

Individualized Major/Minor

The individualized major/minor program allows students the opportunity to create a curriculum around their own academic interests and professional goals. Students use the Individualized Program to develop integrative majors or minors that Edgewood does not offer, or they use the program to add a specialized, integrative minor to a current major.

Global Studies

The Global Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that analyzes global issues and cultures, societies, and political and economic systems in a comparative, global context.  It integrates language competency and intercultural studies, to add an international perspective to any major.

Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies offers students the opportunity for an interdisciplinary study of the social, cultural, political, and economic traditions and contemporary realities of Latin America.   The minor is appropriate for students in any major who want a complementary concentration in this world region. 

Women’s and Gender Studies

Students in this interdisciplinary minor program study the history, experiences, and contributions of women to various fields of learning, feminist theoretical perspectives, and the critical role of gender in human life. Women's and Gender Studies minors become professionals in health, law, business, human services, education, and government who are more prepared to work in diverse environments and better understand issues of prejudice and oppression-based gender and sexuality.