Edgewood College Flag

Dominican Mission

Hallmarks of the Edgewood College Dominican Tradition include:

CORE MISSION VALUES: Truth, Justice, Compassion, Partnership, Community.

  • A commitment to teaching in the Dominican intellectual tradition, that places strong emphasis on informed reflection and the encouragement of relationships that make it possible to share in the fruits of one’s own reflection with others. 
  • Actions that reflect appreciation, respect and encouragement for the search for truth.
  • Engagement in an educational model that stresses community
  • Attracting and retaining faculty/staff that encourage the discovery of the joy of learning and making connections.
  • Engagement in the College Mission and a commitment to values of truth, compassion, justice, partnership and community. These values recognize interdependence with one another and with the world, while challenging all to build a community where reflection leads to action.

Saint Joseph Chapel in Regina Hall is open to all who are seeking a quiet, sacred space for reflection and prayer. Worship opportunities are offered several times a week during the academic year.


Sunday 11:00AM and Wednesday 12:00PM

Candlelight Prayer

Thursdays, 7pm
Non-denominational, student led