Reflections for the Season of Advent 2017

The Season of Advent 

For centuries, the Catholic tradition has set aside “Advent” time,
beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and
concluding Christmas Eve. Advent, derived from Latin, means
“arrival” or “coming.” Through December’s ever shorter and colder
days, Christians await in hope the Light of the World, whose birth we
celebrate at Christmas.

For contemporary American culture, Advent’s reflective, hopeful mood
is easily overshadowed by the holiday season’s relentless details and
events. We hope you will find this book a source of peace and
inspiration in the midst of the season’s activities. The book offers a
daily reflection from contributors throughout the Edgewood College
community. Their reflections are based on Advent Scripture readings in
the Common Christian lectionary. Because of space constraints,
generally only a verse or two of the selected Scripture reading is

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Cover of 2017 Advent Reflections