Email to Students November 9th, 2016



I communicated a few weeks ago my expectations of conduct leading up to yesterday’s election. To the best of my knowledge, engagement in the political process—including voting—was at a high level during this election season and was conducted in the spirit of community in which we take pride as a campus. I am proud of that participation level, and that it occurred without the type of rancor that permeated this campaign.


The election may be over, but there is no expiration date on our Dominican values. In fact, community and compassion may be even more important in the days and weeks ahead. Whether you are excited about or disappointed by yesterday’s results, our engagement with each other must continue to be marked by compassion and respect. This will not be easy, as this campaign was the most divisive and dispiriting I can recall.


Like the Dominican values, the work of civic engagement carries on regardless of the season. Our government is, as President Lincoln noted in the Gettysburg Address, “of the people, by the people, for the people.” That’s you and me. We all play a part in creating the society in which we live, and I would invite you to sustain, heighten, or begin your participation anew.


Perhaps most importantly, I want to reaffirm that Edgewood College’s commitment to inclusion remains resolute. Our identity statement calls us to welcome students “who reflect the rich diversity of the world’s cultures and perspectives.” Each of us—every single one of you reading this--belongs here. Each of us should feel welcome here. And each of us has a responsibility to cultivate that sense of belonging and welcome for every member of our campus community. I ask you to support in a special way those who may feel particularly affected by yesterday’s results and I encourage those of you who do feel this way to utilize the support of our faculty, staff, and your classmates.


I look forward to advancing our work together to build a truly inclusive community, and to applying our gifts and talents to building the “just and compassionate world” our mission statement describes. Thank you for your partnership in pursuit of these important ideals.



Scott Flanagan, Ed.D.
Edgewood College

Office of the President

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Scott Flanagan (Signature)

Scott Flanagan, Ed.D.

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