Undergraduate Accounting

Accounting is a professional career with many employment opportunities in the public, industrial, or government sectors. Through the Accounting program at Edgewood College, you will explore the practical side of the field by attending events with accounting professionals, completing projects in accounting software programs and conducting specialized accounting internships. You will also have the opportunity to take the 30 additional credits necessary to sit for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam.

If you'd like to continue your business education after graduating, Edgewood College offers a Master of Science in Accountancy. Our graduate programs prepare students for careers in management and administration and to sit for the CPA exam.

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Why Edgewood College

Our innovative curriculum uses an integrated five-semester structure that typically begins in your sophomore year. Faculty from across different business disciplines (marketing, finance, management, and accounting) collaborate to team-teach the integrated semesters. The curriculum is real-world focused, with an emphasis on building skills and knowledge as you engage with fellow students, faculty, and local and global partners. The semesters are designed to gradually build in levels of competency and expectations of student independence. Embedded in the curriculum are multiple iterations of study-action-reflection, which is part of our Dominican tradition. Learning and doing are woven together.

Career Outcomes

The business environment is dynamically changing, driven by a variety of factors such as increased regulation, the complexity and competitiveness of the business climate and the move toward a global economy. Expertise in this field can provide the foundation to become a CPA in a public accounting firm, to pursue a career in corporate management accounting, to work in government or not-for-profit sectors or to succeed as an entrepreneur.  

The Career Development Program at the School of Business is embedded in the core curriculum. Throughout the program, you will engage in key career development activities, including informational interviews, job shadowing, team-based internships, and individual internships. Our students intern in a variety of roles and settings, including personal finance, banking, public and private accounting, insurance, healthcare, marketing, advertising, professional sports, retail sales, social service, and politics. You will participate in a variety of class projects in which you interact with business professionals in nonprofit, corporate, and global settings. We believe you need to be prepared to hit the ground running when you graduate.

Additional Info

Student Organizations - Students in the School of Business take advantage of the professional, community-based experiences in the student-led organizations of the Accounting Club, the Edgewood College-Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program sites, the Entrepreneurship Club, Net Impact, and the Edgewood College Rotaract Chapter.