Undergraduate Art

The art curriculum engages students in a comprehensive visual art experience. You will take classes in drawing, painting, design, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, photography, video, digital art and design, and art history. As part of your senior seminar experience, you will study professional practices in the field of art and prepare an exhibition of your work. 


Program Highlights

  • A comprehensive visual art curriculum in fully equipped, state-of-the-art studios/classrooms.  
  • You will take classes in The Stream, our LEED-certified art building. It is among the best visual arts facilities at small liberal arts colleges in the upper Midwest.   

  • Small classes in which faculty provide individual attention to students and students work closely with their peers.  

  • Space, tools, equipment and technology to engage and collaborate in a range of art media.  

  •  Faculty are practicing artists who are recognized in their fields, and students benefit greatly from the tremendous range of perspective and expertise that faculty bring to their teaching. 

Career Outcomes

Art majors pursue careers in a variety of fields, including work in galleries, museums, and recreational and community-based arts programs. Art majors with an interest in college-level teaching are prepared to apply for graduate study in the visual arts, leading to the Master of Fine Arts degree. 

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