Undergrad Female Chemistry students.


Chemistry is the study of matter and its change by interaction with other matter and energy. Chemistry involves the identification of matter and its properties as it interacts, combines and changes to form new substances. Often called the central science, it provides explanations for understanding the nature of life, the earth and the universe.

As a student you’ll begin with courses in Organic, Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry. You’ll then choose among courses in Biochemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Scientific Computing and Ethics in Scientific Research. You may also want to take additional courses in Physics, Geoscience, Biology and Mathematics.

You’ll see soon enough that Chemistry can be applied to many different aspects of the natural world. The Professional concentration is excellent preparation for a career as a scientist or engineer. The Biochemistry concentration provides excellent preparation for medically-related careers and those that require expertise in both chemistry and biology. A new concentration in Renewable Energy gains you access to this rapidly growing field.


I came to Edgewood College with set goals, to become an officer and to get into medical school. I’ve reached both those goals.
Dr. Justin Chaltry ’11, DO, Capt., U.S. Army