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Master of Science - Child Life

The Child Life program at Edgewood College is committed to educating and preparing future child life specialists of the highest caliber and quality. According to the Association of Child Life Professionals, a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) is a child development expert who works to ensure that life remains as normal as possible for children in health care settings and other challenging environments. Child life specialists provide services in a variety of health care settings, including inpatient units, surgery areas, intensive care units, emergency departments, clinics and outpatient treatment areas. Child life specialists also provide services in other settings such as dental offices, community organizations, special needs camps, and a variety of other areas. To an ever increasing extent, child life specialists are involved in providing grief and bereavement services not only in the hospital-setting, but in hospice programs, home hospice, community organizations, bereavement centers, support groups, and grief groups and camps.   

Obtaining the master’s degree in Child Life will equip you with research, leadership, and administration skills that will increase your marketability for additional job opportunities.


The academics at Edgewood College are unbeatable. We don’t have teaching assistants here; all of our classes are taught by professors. And our average class size is only 15 students, which means the professors are very accessible.
Mary Hecht
Mary Hecht '19

Fact Sheet - MS Child Life 

We encourage you to reference the ACLP website for continued updates on the profession's minimal education requirements.