Child-Life students

Child Life

The Child Life program at Edgewood College is the only school in Wisconsin that offers students the opportunity to complete an undergraduate major or a graduate degree in Child Life. The Child Life undergraduate program prepares students for careers as Child Life Specialists in both hospitals and alternative settings, who provide psychosocial care for children and advocacy to families. In both ambulatory and inpatient setting, Child Life specialists promote patient and family-centered care and provide therapeutic support in working with children and their families who are living with the realities of acute hospitalization, chronic or terminal illness, surgery, trauma, injuries and disabilities.

Through this program, you will develop expertise in helping children and families cope with acute and chronic illness, medical procedures, and grief and loss. A foundation in learning how the use of developmentally appropriate play, psychosocial support, and teaching can help reduce the stress of hospitalization, illness, and health care procedures in pediatric patients and families.

Our Edgewood College faculty, within the Child Life program, are all certified Child Life Specialists with clinical and educational experience; ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for all Child Life Students.

Preparation is in alignment with the Association of Child Life Professionals standards and guidelines.


My experience with the Child Life Program was absolutely remarkable. I was provided with multiple hands-on experiences, strong academic guidance, and professional development opportunities that both prepared me for and made me confident in my place in this field. The one-on-one attention given by the professors was outstanding. The program director truly cares about each student and devotes herself to helping them succeed. If I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing.

Jessica Krahmer, CCLS
School of Education

We encourage you to reference the ACLP website for continued updates on the profession's minimal education requirements.