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Undergraduate Economics

Economics studies how individuals and governments make decisions in the presence of scarce resources. Although topics such as money, banking, recessions, and firms’ structures are discussed, Economics is a much broader field that seeks to understand, explain, and predict the outcomes of important public policy debates.

The Economics program at Edgewood College offers three distinct concentrations that allow you to explore your interests and target a specific career path: Political Economy, Finance or Quantitative. 

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Why Edgewood College

The Economics program at Edgewood was recently ranked by the career insights website ZIPPIA as one of the 10 Best Colleges for Economics majors in Wisconsin. The site compared the mean earnings of graduates six years after graduation and the costs of attendance from 119 different institutions of higher learning across the state.  

Economics at Edgewood College is part of a larger interdisciplinary program that includes the fields of Criminal Justice, Political Science, International Relations, and Sociology. Interdisciplinary teaching and research helps create stronger analytical skills that will broaden your perspective.

Career Outcomes

A degree in Economics can lead to many different career paths. The most popular jobs pursued by Economics majors are within the corporate world. Many graduates become business analysts and consultants. In addition, many graduates become educators or researchers, or work for government and non-governmental organizations.  

Students with a Finance concentration typically contemplate a career in business and finance. Those with a quantitative concentration can anticipate a career in research or continued graduate studies, while students with a Political Economy concentration may pursue a law degree or choose to work in public service related career fields.  

Our graduates often work in a multitude of non-profit social service and advocacy organizations, as campaign managers and legislative aides, for international NGOs, and even for the Peace Corps.

In recent years, an increasing number of students have continued their education by pursuing MBAs, PhDs in Economics, or even law school. Our graduates have attended graduate school in places like California State-Chico, Tufts University, University of Cape Town, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of Wisconsin Law School, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Platteville, UW-Whitewater, and University of Connecticut.

Other Information

Undergraduate research: As an Economics major at Edgewood College, you will get hands-on experience utilizing the full range of both quantitative and qualitative analysis methods used in the social sciences. You will work on a research project during your Senior Seminar as well as be encouraged to participate in conferences on and off campus. Student research is supported by faculty expertise and mentorship and fostered by numerous opportunities in the Greater Madison area, as well as abroad.  

Internships/Study Abroad: Students at Edgewood College have many exciting opportunities for internships. Many work at the State Capitol, just minutes away from campus.  

Edgewood College students also participate in study abroad activities, too. We have a longstanding study abroad program in Italy and Mexico.  

You can develop strong one-on-once connections with faculty in the program through research, study abroad, and senior seminar. There are also other unique opportunities for interaction with faculty, such as "Kaffee & Klatsch," a well-attended, monthly gathering for students and faculty to interact and talk over coffee and pastries. 

Collaborative Opportunities: You may take additional Economics courses offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through our collaborative program.  

  • Edgewood College has definitely prepared me for my career. Through their networking events to the professors, I feel I am truly ready to go out in the real-world.
    Austin Foley