Graduate Education

The Graduate programs in Education are offered within the context of a traditional liberal arts education framework. We strongly support our founding Dominican values of truth, compassion, justice, partnership and community. These values are more important than ever in preparing the educators of our children and youth, and are woven throughout our course and program offerings. It truly is an incredible responsibility to be involved in the process of teaching and learning. There is no other work that has such a profound possibility to impact society.

For current or aspiring educators seeking additional degrees or licenses we offer a variety of programs that are designed to meet the needs of the working professional. Many programs are offered both online and in-the-classroom. Courses in License Certification programs can be applied toward completion of a Master of Arts in Education.

License Certification:

Master of Arts in Education Concentrations:

Master of Science:

  • Laura_Seybold
    When I attended Edgewood, it was the first time I felt like a school really knew and cared about me. Their focus is clearly on the students, and the staff (teachers and program administrators alike) are simply amazing. I highly recommend Edgewood College to everyone I know.
    Laura Seybold, Randall Elementary, Madison
Joann Eastman

Joann Eastman