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Individualized Major

You may be a student who prefers to chart their own course of study. The Individualized Major (or minor) offers you the opportunity to create a curriculum around your own academic interests and life goals. This degree program is a good option if you have interdisciplinary goals that are not possible to achieve with an existing program of undergraduate study. It’s also a good option when you’d like to pursue a major or minor that isn’t currently offered, but for which the College has relevant courses available. You will want to do some careful and early research and planning, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, to develop a proposal that is compelling to the Individualized Major/Minor Review Committee.


I think from a student perspective the most important aspect of sustainability is student involvement. I mean I feel like there are a lot of things done on campus that are sustainable.  It’s great that they’re done, but getting students involved and having that opportunity for them to learn more about it is huge.  When we do the plant starts in the spring, for kids to even watch a seed turn into a plant, I think it’s really cool. The educational opportunity behind all the sustainable things on campus for students is huge.
Ben Pratcher ’16, Environmental Studies major