Plasma Globe


Physicists study the natural world, from the motion of the tiniest sub-atomic particles to the Big Bang and the history of the universe. We help you to develop tools to understand how the world works at the most fundamental level. As a student in this discipline, you’ll learn to build mathematical models that predict and explain our observations of the natural world, to design and conduct experiments to explore physical systems, and to think critically about data and evidence in order to construct new understandings of how the world works.  At Edgewood, a major in physics is a major in problem solving.

Our new Fab Lab is scheduled to open in Spring 2019 and will provide students access to equipment such as 3-D printers, milling machines, and laser cutters. The facility will provide ample opportunities for student directed projects, as well as new courses, including Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Modeling and Design. The Fab Lab will be open to students from across campus, not just physics majors. 

You’ll discover that Physics is an exciting area of study, in part because the skills you learn can be applied to many different aspects of the natural world. Many of our students find meaningful work in areas outside of physics, in fields such as engineering, teaching, or information technology.



My time as a Physics student at Edgewood College has taught me so much more than the math behind our everyday lives; it taught me to be curious and observant of the world around us. My degree in Physics encouraged me to think creatively, problem solve, and most importantly, never take technology and everyday processes for face value. There is always something new and challenging to improve both yourself and the world we live in. That’s what my degree means to me.
Zachary Greenwood-Schaftary ’17