Undergraduate Political Science

Political Science is the study of government and public policy. As a Political Science major, you will learn how to analyze and evaluate issues of power, social forces, conflict, behavior, political ideas, rules and laws, and institutional change.

Our Political Science majors become active citizens and community and political leaders.  Early in your academic career, you will be introduced to each of the major subfields of Political Science, including American Politics, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. Later, you will focus on a particular area of political science that matches your intellectual interests and professional goals.

Program Highlights

We emphasize learning that moves beyond the classroom. Our majors are among the most active in the college and in the Madison community. The political science major ensures that students find a concentration that offers intellectual stimulation and prepares them for a rewarding post-graduate career. Students will do more than read about politics – they will learn to write and communicate as a sophisticated and professional person. Classes are small and the learning environment is rigorous. Students are transformed from learners into engaged citizens who can think critically and comparatively about contemporary debates and problems in the United States and throughout the world.  In recent years, the political science program at Edgewood has expanded and diversified its course offering in areas of global politics. Students have opportunity to compete in an international Model United Nations competition. We have also refocused our efforts on internship opportunities and career preparation through a new course dedicated to preparing students for careers after graduation.

Career Outcomes

As a field of study, political science remains one of the most popular majors in the United States, and prepares students for exciting careers in areas such as economic development, political campaigns, federal and state government, non-governmental organizations, public relations, federal law enforcement and intelligence, community organization, and public policy development. In addition, the major is a common pathway to law school and graduate study.

  • There are so many leadership opportunities. Each time I turned around there was an opportunity to do something different. It’s really easy to immerse yourself in what’s happening on campus. At a place like Edgewood College, you can find yourself on a task force or committee with faculty, staff, and other students. I’m not sure there’s a ‘seat at the table’ for students at larger schools in the same way.
    Nick Hefty ’15, Magna Cum Laude