Undergraduate Web Design and Development

The Web Design & Development major is a unique pre-professional liberal arts program, jointly housed in the Art and Computer Science Departments, which prepares you to enter the workforce in this rapidly growing field.   

Edgewood College is one of only a few schools in the Midwest offering this major, which combines web coding and programming with design and creative expression. Coursework will cover a range of design and technological topics, preparing you to enter a career in web design and development after graduation. You will learn how to effectively and efficiently design and program interactive websites for clients. 


Program Highlights

  • We use the most up-to-date versions of industry standard software in labs equipped with high quality Macs and other hardware. 

  •  We revise the curriculum as technology and the career market change, most recently updating our Web Design course sequence in order to teach the newest methods so that our graduates are ready for the workforce.  

  • The Graphic Design and Computer Science faculty who teach in this program have extensive industry experience and are also are highly rated educators. 

  • We offer small classes in which faculty provide individual attention to students.   

  • Madison provides many internship possibilities in an arts-rich city with a thriving creative scene and active design organizations.  

  • A wide variety of non-profit groups offer you the opportunity to utilize your web design and development skills in service to the community.  

  • As a Web Design & Development student, you will complete at least one internship experience with a community organization or company in the Madison area, during which time you will be mentored by a member of the program’s faculty.  

  • You will prepare a professional-quality portfolio for your senior presentation, which you will be able to use when applying for work in the field. 

Career Outcomes

The US Department of Labor predicts a very high demand for web designer developers skilled at both design and programming. Web Design & Development graduates work for advertising and design agencies, non-profit community organizations, and small to large companies that include fashion, supermarkets, and technology. Their roles include webmaster, web designer/coder, usability designer, digital asset manager, graphic designer, and freelance photographer, as well as other related positions in this industry.  

The skills that you acquire in this major are in such high demand that many of our students have been offered jobs prior to graduation. Some of our graduates have pursued internships and employment in web design and development in the Madison area as well as in Chicago and New York. 

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