Registrar’s Office

Wanting to order an official transcript? Wondering whether courses you took at a different institution will fulfill degree requirements at Edgewood College? The Registrar’s Office can help!  

 The Registrar's Office at Edgewood College is responsible for maintaining official academic records.  This involves processing transfer credits, managing courses and registrations, processing veteran’s benefits, posting grades and degrees, and providing official and unofficial transcripts.  With everything we do, we enforce the institutional academic policies created by the faculty and the institution. Many academic policy and program related questions can be found in the institutional catalog. 

Please visit the Registrar’s Office website for information about catalogs, ordering transcripts, academic dates and deadlines, transferring credits, and more. This site requires an Edgewood login account.

 Current and former students who wish to order transcripts can do so here:

 With no log on requirement, you may see the current Edgewood College catalog as well as earlier catalogs, archived course descriptions, and the Timetable of class sections by term (listed under the COURSE SEARCH button) at .

 The current Academic Calendar may be found at