Disability and Accessibility Services



We provide support plans to students who need accommodations in order to access courses. In the college setting accommodations cannot be a “Fundamental Alteration” of a course’s learning standards. 


Common accommodations include, but are not limited to:


  •      Testing: extra time, alternate location 

  •      Note-taking: may record lecture, use not-taking software 

  •      Access to instructor notes 

  •      Assignments: may arrange extensions in advance 

  •      Textbooks available in digital format 

  •      Print materials may be scanned for use with text-to-speech software 

  •      Flexible attendance when symptomatic 

  •      Breaks during class  


Students who had an IEP or 504 plan in high school or who have a recently identified disability are eligible. We serve students with any type of disability, including:


  •      Learning Disability 

  •      Autism 

  •      Anxiety/Depression/PTSD/Other Mental Health Diagnoses 

  •      Intellectual Disability 

  •      Diabetes/Crohn’s Disease/Allergies/Other Physical Health Diagnoses 


For more information contact Disability and Accessibility Services or call 608-663-2831. You can also complete a Disability Intake Form   to start the process.


The mission of Disability and Accessibility Services at Edgewood College is to be a partner in creating an accessible college community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the educational experience.


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