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Non-Degree Admissions Options in Madison, WI

In addition to being a great place to earn a degree, Edgewood College also offers students the opportunity to take courses for fun or professional development.  See the options below to learn more about the opportunities and application processes for students who are not seeking a degree from Edgewood College.

For a list of courses offered at Edgewood College, click here to search using Edgewood Express.*You do not need a username or password to use the Public Course Search in Edgewood Express. Simply select the correct term you are looking for.

To ensure course availability for our degree-seeking students, please note that students not seeking a degree will be eligible to register for open courses approximately 1 week prior to the start of the semester.  

Non-Degree Status

Non-degree students earn full credit and grades for the courses they take.  Students may be enrolled part-time or full-time but a degree plan will not be prepared unless the student applies for full admission to Edgewood College.  Non-degree students may enroll in almost any course as long as they meet course pre-requisites and department standards. 

To be admitted as a non-degree status student, complete the online application and submit your most recent or most comprehensive high school or college transcript to the Edgewood College Admissions Office.  This transcript must be sent directly from your school to Edgewood or submitted in a sealed envelope issued by the school. 

Limited Status

Limited Status students earn full credit and grades for the courses they take.  Students are only permitted to take up to 2 courses under the limited status.  After the completion of 2 courses, students will be asked to submit additional application materials if they would like to continue taking courses at Edgewood College.  Limited status students may enroll in almost any course as long as they meet course pre-requisites and department standards. 

To be admitted as a limited status student, complete the online application.  No other documents are required.  Students may be asked to demonstrate that they have completed required pre-requisites depending on their course selection. 

Early College Credit Program

Edgewood College participates in the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) for high school students.  Students can earn transferable college credits with the approval of their high school.

To be admitted as an ECCP student, students should send their completed ECCP approval form (available through their high school), the Edgewood College  online application and their high school transcript to the Edgewood College Admissions Office.  Students must have high school junior or senior standing and a 3.0 cumulative GPA. After you are admitted to the program you will receive a letter of acceptance and instruction on how to proceed with advising and registration. Accepted students are limited to a maximum of two classes per semester. A new approval from and updated information is required for each semester of attendance.

Edgewood High School students should contact the Admissions Office at Edgewood College for information and directions concerning an alternative to the ECCP.


Students that wish to Audit a class may do so by attending a class for no credit or grade for their participation.  

To ensure space for our current students, registration to audit classes does not take place until the day before classes begin.

The cost to audit a course is $75/credit or $25/credit for alums and senior citizens (age 60+).  Example: A 3 credit class for an Alum will cost $75.

Please note that laboratory and clinical courses are not available for audit. 

  1. If you are interested in auditing a class, please complete our online Auditor Application and Registration form:

    Undergraduate | Graduate

  2. Students are responsible for emailing the professor of the course they wish to audit to request permission to audit the course.
  3. Once you have submitted your auditor application and have received email permission to audit a course, you are ready to register for the course. 
  4. Registration to Audit a class takes place on the day before classes start for the semester.
  5. To register, please take your email permission to Edgewood Central in DeRicci Hall.  Please be prepared to pay for the course at the same time. 

If you have questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 608-663-2294.