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Talent Scholarships

$4,000-$12,000 awards are available for talented freshman and transfer students who have a strong interest in art, writing, Spanish, music, or theatre ($1,000-$3,000 per year)

Application Instructions

Step 1:  Complete the  Talent Scholarship Application for each talent scholarship separately (if applying for more than one).

Step 2:  Contact the appropriate faculty member to schedule an audition/portfolio review.  Auditions and portfolio reviews will need to be scheduled directly with the correct faculty member. Virtual options may be available.

Audition/Portfolio Review Deadlines: 

Students starting Edgewood College Spring 2022 must complete their audition/portfolio review by January 4, 2022. Students starting Edgewood College in Fall 2022, final deadline is May 1, 2022. Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis starting October 1, 2021. Funds are limited.

    Step 3:  Prepare for your audition/portfolio review by following the preparation instructions.

    Step 4:  Attend your audition/portfolio review

    Aspiring Writer Scholarship - Awarded to students based on a review of their original written works of fiction, poetry, literary analysis, research essays, digital writing, or journalism.

    • Recipients of this scholarship must:
      • Declare a major in English (any concentration) or a minor in English, Creative Writing, or Journalism & New Media by the end of their sophomore year.

    Faculty Contact:  Rachel Poulsen (608-663-3380) 

    English Department Website

      Fine Arts Scholarship in Art - Awarded to students based on a portfolio review of original work which may include drawing, color, design, painting, photography, fibers, sculpture, ceramics, metalsmithing, printmaking, video, and computer graphics.

      • Recipients of this scholarship must:
        • Declare a major in Art, Art Teaching, Graphic Design, Web Design, Art Therapy or a minor in Art, Art History, Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design by the sophomore year.

      Faculty Contact: Bob Tarrell (608-663-2307)

      Art Department Website

      Fine Arts Scholarship in Music - Awarded to students based on an audition in one of the following areas:  voice, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, orchestral strings, or classical guitar.

      • Recipients of this scholarship must:
        • Participate in one major ensemble (band, choir, or orchestra, jazz ensemble or guitar ensemble) each semester.

      Faculty Contact:  Beatriz Aguilar (608-663-3442) 


      Music Department Website

      Fine Arts Scholarship in Theatre - Awarded to students based on a theater audition or technical theatre portfolio review

      • Recipients of this scholarship must:
        • Be enrolled in a Theatre course or involved in an Edgewood College Theatre Production, either on stage or in a behind-the-scenes crew each semester. 

      Faculty Contact: Jeanne Leep (608-663-3222)

      Theatre Department Website

      World Language Scholarship in Spanish - Awarded to student who can demonstrate proficiency in Spanish.

      • Recipients of these scholarships must:
        • Enroll in at least three semesters of Spanish. 

      Spanish Faculty Contact: Ian Davies (608-663-2861)

      Foreign Language Department Website