Watch the Ceremonies

May 15, 2021.

We will be broadcasting the events live. Be sure to check back 5 min before start and refresh your screen.  

11:00 am - Morning Ceremony (Replay)
1:30 pm - Afternoon Ceremony (Replay)
4:00 pm - Evening Ceremony (Replay)


11:00 am
Morning Ceremony
1:30 pm
Afternoon Ceremony
4:00 pm
Evening Ceremony

Tickets are required for each of the three Commencement ceremonies. Ceremonies will last approximately one hour. 

Masks are required for all on-campus activities - indoors and outdoors - on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

Graduation Resources

Graduation is an exciting time! Here you will find the steps on how to obtain your degree and participate in the Edgewood College commencement ceremony.

Please review each step below to make sure you have completed all the necessary requirements to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Graduation Status

You are considered eligible for graduation if your Advising Worksheet indicates all requirements for your degree will be completed by the end of the semester in which you intend to graduate. Please contact the Registrar’s Office with questions about your degree completion status.

Please submit your Intent to Graduate form. This form will trigger all subsequent graduation-related communications.

Graduation Steps

  1. Log into Edgewood Express
  2. Check your Advising Worksheet to be sure all requirements have been met or are in progress
  3. Make sure you have submitted your Intent to Graduate form – verify diploma name and address

Once grades are posted at the end of the term, completion of your degree will be verified by the Registrar’s Office. If all requirements are fulfilled, your degree will be conferred.

Edgewood College awards degrees and posts them to student transcripts three times each year: January 10, May 25, and August 25. The administrative process of conferring degrees is different than the formal commencement ceremony, which is held once each year, in May.

Academic Honors and Awards

Graduation honors are awarded to Undergraduate students only, and are calculated in the Registrar’s Office approximately two weeks prior to the commencement ceremony. A student’s final term of attendance will be included in the calculation for graduation honors after grades are submitted for their final term and will appear on the student's final transcript and diploma.

Eligibility Requirement for Undergraduate Graduation Honors:

A minimum of 60 credits earned at Edgewood College

Graduation Honors Calculation:

  • Summa cum laude - 3.90 or above grade point average
  • Magna cum laude - 3.70 or above grade point average
  • Cum laude - 3.50 or above grade point average

Note: Graduation honors are based on the final grade point average (GPA) of Edgewood College credits. Graduation honors are different from semester honors calculations or graduation from the Honors Program.

Graduation Honors, if awarded, will be noted in the commencement program, based on the last grading cycle in which the student was enrolled. Honors cords are not worn or recognized at the Commencement ceremony.

Military Veterans Service Cords

Edgewood College honors its graduating military veterans by presenting them with special red, white, and blue cords to wear during the commencement ceremony. Please join us in thanking them for their dedicated service to our country.

Requirements to Obtain a Degree Diploma or Certificate

In addition to your program requirements, please make sure you check your total credits periodically so that you know you will have earned the required amount by graduation time.

  • Bachelor’s Degree – 120 credits
  • Master’s in Accountancy – 30 credits
  • Master of Business Administration – 37 credits
  • MBA in Healthcare Administration – 42 credits
  • Master’s in Child Life – 39 credits
  • Master’s in Education – 33 credits
  • Master’s in Nursing – 36 credits
  • Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy – 48 credits
  • Master’s in Organizational Leadership – 30 credits
  • Master’s in Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership – 33 credits
  • Doctor of Education – 54 credits
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice – 30 Credits

GPA Requirements

Make sure you are aware of your GPA and what is required for graduation:

  • Bachelor’s degrees require a minimum 2.00 to graduate
  • Master’s and Doctoral degrees require a minimum 3.00 to graduate

Note: Some academic departments have major or minor GPA requirements that are different from the graduation GPA requirement. Please reference your Advising Worksheet for this information.

Residency requirement:

Undergraduates must complete a minimum of 32 credits at Edgewood College to earn a degree.

Graduate students must complete at least 2/3 of their program’s credit requirement at Edgewood College to earn a degree.

Verify Your Degree Status

Review your Advising Worksheet early and often to verify you have completed, are in progress with, or are registered for all degree requirements. You can view your Advising Worksheet by logging into Edgewood Express. If all courses are satisfied or in progress, please submit your Intent to Graduate form.


Diplomas are mailed six to eight weeks after the semester ends. If you receive grades of Incomplete or have other deficiencies on your record, your diploma or certificate will not be sent until the end of the semester during which all obligations have been satisfied. If you terminated your attendance for any period of time, you may be required to meet the current graduation requirements of the program in which you reenroll.

Additional Degrees

Only one degree may be awarded at a semester conferral. To obtain an additional degree, you must complete the necessary requirements as outlined in the Multiple Majors and Multiple Degrees policy.


Completion of institutional certificates is not recognized or noted at commencement, with the exception of our Cutting Edge Program.

In order to have a certificate posted to a transcript, a student must apply for and complete the necessary credits required for the certificate. Certificates are mailed six to eight weeks after the semester ends.