The English Department welcomes you to Edgewood College. We encourage you to explore our wide range of literature and writing courses as part of your liberal arts experience. We offer an English major with three options: English with a concentration in literature, English with a concentration in writing, and English with a concentration in journalism.

The English major is a challenging and versatile degree that can lead to a wide variety of careers—any career, in fact, that values critical thinking and advanced writing skills. English majors find work on publications, in public relations firms, on political staffs and in advertising. Others have found their degree helps them in the business world, including technology firms that require analytical skills and writing expertise. Some have found work in arts or environmental organizations, while others have become teachers. Recent majors have also gone on to graduate programs in literature, creative writing, journalism, law, library science, education and business.

Numerous courses in the English department are cross-listed with Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, Global Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies, opening up new opportunities for intellectual development and personal growth.

As an English major at Edgewood College, you have the chance to gain valuable experience by working as an editor, writer or staff member on either of our two department-sponsored publications, On the Edge (our student newspaper) and Edgewood Review (our campus literary magazine). We have an active, student-led English Association that promotes fiction and poetry readings, as well as book discussions and social gatherings. Please be in touch if you’d like to learn more about how we might help you advance your educational and career goals at Edgewood College.

Lauren Lacey, Ph.D., Chair
English Department