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Edgewood College Gallery provides a bridge between academic specialists, student learning, community arts patrons, and artists by providing contemporary, accessible and high-quality programming responding to the needs of the expansive spectrum of our community. Our 2020-'21 season has changed to a virtual format to be able to best connect with our audience. A few representative works are available for actual viewing in our display case in The Stream, our home on campus. We invite you to view our complete current exhibition below.

Best Practices

March 30 – May 8, 2022

Noted artist Evan Gruzis teaches painting and drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This exhibition focuses on Cognizance in the context of creative production, showcasing the work of 11 current graduate students and alumni of SAIC. 

Best Practices refers to adherence to rules and habits that optimize the correctness and efficacy of a particular profession. It should be mentioned that in art, however, there is no such thing as correctness. Nonetheless, an artist’s practice, life and material can intersect in such a way as to propagate the aesthetic profundity and cultural resonance of the objects they produce. In this exhibition I have selected artists who I have met in my teaching career, another domain subject to rules and habits. Some were students of mine, some were acquaintances along the way. All of them are recent MFA graduates who display notable cognizance about the challenges before them. Some adhere to convention, while others seek to destroy. Either way the waning generation of artists (myself included) can relax. The future of art is in good hands.

Evan Gruzis, Madison WI, March 2022 

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David Wells
David Wells
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