Commencement Sunday May 20, 2018

  • Monday, May 21, 2018
Katie receives her diploma
It was a fitting celebration to mark the close of the 90th academic year of Edgewood College.

More than 300 graduates, their families, fellow students, friends, faculty and staff descended on the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Madison on Sunday May 20 for Commencement, to share in the joy of the day, and in the hope for a more just and compassionate tomorrow.

Katie Rickert ’18 spoke on behalf of the graduates earning their baccalaureate degrees. Ms. Rickert earned her degree Magna Cum Laude with a major in Spanish Teaching. An outstanding student, Ms. Rickert is the recipient of the 2016 Dominican Heritage Award, and the 2017 Dominican Leadership Award. She has recently returned from Mexico, where she served as a student teacher. 
“My fellow classmates, today, my message to you, is to not feel pressured by time,” she said. “Of course, we can never fully rid ourselves of the obstacles, deadlines, barriers, and hectic schedules of our society. But, we have the ability to embrace the joys and the challenges that come in the day to day. Don’t forget to take small moments to celebrate your accomplishments, and don’t forget to take mental pictures of those big moments that move you to tears, change your life, or make a difference.”

Ms. Rickert closed her address by way of her own slam poem, which is available online. We feel it will be worth your time!

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