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Liz Soter

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"I Love Being Strong." Liz Soter, a senior Chemistry major from Fall River, Wis., knows how to manage her time. In addition to being involved on campus - Dominican Life Student Leader, Secretary of the Student Veterans Association, Secretary of the Achievement in Medicine Club, Mathematics and Chemistry tutor – she’s also just returned to campus from a semester off completing Basic Training with the Wisconsin National Guard. And she’s a student-athlete: a Powerlifter.

“I powerlift because I love being strong,” she says. “Powerlifting has taught me things like patience, discipline, and perseverance. It has also brought me amazing friends and has helped me make connections.”

She plans on medical school after she graduates, and in the meantime sees service to her country as a way to help cover the cost of school, and to keep herself “on her game.” 

Enjoy the video above, which was produced by the Wisconsin National Guard.