Student Equity and Diversity

The Student Equity and Diversity Initiatives area of the Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement is responsible for advocacy and support for students of color, LGBTQ+, low-income, first-generation, and undocumented students at Edgewood College. Through various initiatives and programs, OSII works extensively to provide academic, financial and personal support for all traditionally underrepresented students.

The Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement (OSII) promotes, facilitates, and advocates for a welcoming, socially just and inclusive campus community by supporting the retention of diverse student populations and providing diversity education and multicultural programs for students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community. Our efforts are designed to promote and encourage equal opportunity and campus diversity.

OSII does not tolerate acts of discrimination, intolerance, or hate, and we expect all community members to assume responsibility for actively understanding and embracing their roles in creating a just and compassionate world.