Health Services

This is not your high school nurses office!  We can make diagnoses, order labs and imaging, refer you for specialty care, prescribe medication, and give immunizations.

We are specialists in college health, trained to meet your specific needs and concerns- confidentially. We are a full-service medical clinic, here for you in times of illness or injury, as well as addressing your preventative medical needs.  In addition, we are involved in programming college-wide to create a campus community that supports all aspects of well-being.

Whether you have outside insurance or not, we should be your first stop for any health concerns you have because we can help you navigate the medical system, provide triage, and very often provide what you need at a cost less than at your physician’s office. We can even work with your primary care provider when you want us to! 

For more information, please visit the Edgewood College Health Services website.