Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Edgewood College accept the WI GI Bill®?

The WI GI Bill® is a program that is designated for UW system schools and technical schools only. However, students attending Edgewood College may be eligible for the Wisconsin Veterans Grant for Private Non-Profit Schools.

For more information on what benefits you can use at Edgewood College, please email the Office of Military & Veterans Services or call 608-663-4266.

Q: Will I receive college credit for my military transcripts?

Edgewood College offers credit for military occupations and training courses if they are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and if Edgewood College has similar courses. Click here for more details about military transcripts and credit for prior learning.

Q: What is the Yellow Ribbon Program and does Edgewood College participate in it?

Yes, Edgewood College does participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Students who are 100% eligible under Ch. 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill® may qualify. A Certificate of Eligibility must be on file with Edgewood to participate.

Contact the Office of Military & Veterans Services at 608-663-4266 for more specific details or visit the VA page for an overview of the program.

Q: When will my monthly stipend be received?

The VA will release funds after the certification has been received and processed. The School Certifying Official submits student certifications for each term that a student is registered unless otherwise requested. You can track your payments through your eBenefits or account if you have premium access.

Q: What happens if I drop or add a course?

Before making any adjustments to your course schedule consult with the Office of Military & Veterans Services. This ensures that you understand possible ramifications of this change and allows Edgewood to make any necessary adjustments to your VA certification. Dropping a course could result in a debt with both the college and the VA. This is especially important for students who are dropping below full time status.

Q: What fees in addition to tuition could the VA cover?

Required fees such as course and matriculation fees may be covered, while fees for parking passes, meal plans, or housing costs will not be covered.

For specific questions about what fees could be covered by your benefits please email the Office of Military & Veterans Services or call 608-663-4266.

Q: Will I get confirmation that Edgewood College has submitted my certification to the VA for the current term?

Yes, the VA will send an automated notification to your Edgewood College email. This email is confirmation of what Edgewood College submitted to the VA. If it does not accurately reflect your current enrollment status, please contact the Office of Military & Veterans Services or call 608-663-4266 immediately.

Q: Can I get Financial Aid and VA benefits at the same time?

Yes. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine what they are eligible for. For more information about the FAFSA and using Financial Aid at Edgewood please email Edgewood Central or call 608-663-4300.

Q: What if I don't want to use my benefits for a specific term and/or save benefits for later?

Students that wish to have their certification held for a given term need to contact the Office of Military & Veterans Services as soon as possible after registering to prevent an original certification from being submitted to the VA. Edgewood College automatically processes certifications for each term a student is registered. If a certification has already been submitted, funds will need to be returned to the VA and the student may be responsible for any outstanding charges with Edgewood.

Q: Does Edgewood College have a Veteran student group?

Yes, there is an active student group on campus that supports veterans. For more information about veteran related activities, check out the Events page.

Q: I was using my VA benefits at a previous school, how do I transfer them to Edgewood College?

Complete VA Form 22-1995 (Request for Change of Program or Place of Training) or VA Form 22-5495 (Dependent Request for Change of Program or Place of Training) online.

Q: What is the process to transfer education benefits to a child or spouse?

Step 1: The veteran wanting to transfer their benefits to a child or spouse must do so via the Department of Defense (DoD) website while they are still on active duty.

Step 2: After the benefits have been transferred, the child or spouse will need to apply for through
Please note this is a lengthy process that might take 6 months or more, so we encourage you to act as soon as possible.

Q: What is required to use my VA benefits at Edgewood College?

Submit the Edgewood College Veterans Worksheet (ECVW) electronically, along with a copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). If you do not have a copy of your CoE available when submitting your ECVW, you may submit it to the Office of Military & Veterans Services in DeRicci 122 or via fax 608.535.8322.

Q: What happens if I get deployed in the middle of a semester/term?

If an Edgewood College military/veteran student is called to active duty while currently enrolled the student must present a copy of the official orders to the Office of Military & Veterans Services. Students have three options: take a length of absence, withdraw completely, or take incompletes in their courses. Please see the Active Duty Policy for more details.

Q: Can a repeated course be covered by the VA?

Courses that a student successfully passes are typically not eligible to be covered by the VA again. Under certain circumstances a repeated course may be certified to the VA and is done on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Why is the Edgewood College Veterans Worksheet so important?

This document identifies you as a student intending to utilize veteran benefits and allows coordination with the Business Office on your student account.

Q: How do I apply to Edgewood College?

You may apply online through our website. 

Q: How long does it take to receive a VA response after applying for benefits at

1st time benefit applicants generally receive VA notification in approximately 6 – 8 weeks.
Applicants switching chapters (ex. from Chp 30 Montgomery GI Bill® to Chp 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill) generally receive VA notification in approximately 4 weeks.

Q: When will I get the refund of my Financial Aid?

Students utilizing both Financial Aid and VA benefits to pay for school will be refunded any money that is above and beyond the total amount due on their student account. A student will receive this refund once both Financial Aid and VA benefits have been added to their student account.

Q: Where is the Veteran Center located on campus?

The Office of Military & Veterans Services is located on the first floor of DeRicci Hall in Room 122.

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Matthew Schroeder
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