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The Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching majors are designed to meet the needs of students planning to enter a wide variety of vocations. Each major has sufficient flexibility to prepare a student for graduate study in mathematics, and/or a career in teaching, business, or industry. Additionally, faculty members work with students to develop individualized programs that emphasize areas of special interest, such as actuarial science, business and economics, or applied mathematics and pre-engineering. In addition to preparation in specific areas of mathematics, students will develop a habit of accuracy and logical thought processes, acquire an appreciation of the aesthetic qualities and historical development of mathematics, and gain an appreciation for and understanding of concepts and techniques in mathematics that are applicable to other areas.

The students and professors of the Math Department are a very close-knit family. In recent years the Math Department has hosted a " Welcome Back" celebration for returning math majors, and hosted canoeing excursions on Lake Wingra. The Math professors and students are also very active members of the community. Math Professor Ken Jewell, for example, led the volunteer efforts to build the boardwalk along Lake Wingra, applying  his math skills to great effect in designing the quarter-mile boardwalk.