Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions – School of Nursing

Description of Job

The Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions is responsible for meeting new and undergraduate student enrollment goals. This positon develops and implements the School of Nursing (SON) graduate and adult undergraduate recruitment plans in partnership with Enrollment Management Leadership and the School of Nursing (SON) faculty and staff. This position develops and proactively works to implement enrollment goals funnel for each program as well as a list of initiatives required to meet each goal. These enrollment goals are consistent with Edgewood College’s vision and mission, as well as with the College’s budgetary goals. The Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions acts as the admissions counselor for the programs, coordinating outreach efforts to prospective students, guiding students through the admissions process, and conducting any other orientation services as arranged by each program. Continuously focuses on quality improvement by constantly assessing tactics, developing improvements, and implementing improvements.


Recruitment Development

  • Develop and implement strategies for building the funnel at each stage including increasing inquiries, applicants, and admits.
  • Implement basic marketing tasks such production of basic/branded handouts, write and brand email messages that will be sent out via icontact, manage basic social media content to improve numbers and make basic web updates to pertinent sections of the Grad Admissions website.
  • Identify and work in partnership with Enrollment Management Leadership to eliminate and/or reduce and/or work around barriers

Collaboration and Outreach

  • Develop effective partnerships internally with (SON) staff and faculty.
  • Attend regular school and program functions including, but not limited to, faculty meetings and retreats and deemed necessary by the School.
  • Build effective external partnerships by being physically present in most Dane County clinics, and hospitals that serve as key feeders for Edgewood College on a monthly basis- connecting and networking with building administrators as well as prospective students.  Develop an effective physical presence in local clinics such as marketing presence.
  • Participate in education fairs and new student orientations.  Provide regular contact and follow-up services for community outreach.  Develop relationships between Edgewood College and the wider community. Facilitate development, implementation, and annual assessment of recruitment plan for respective programs.
  • Administration (continuous)- Maintain complete records of activities.  Collaborate with staff to help attain common goals through participation in meetings, project teams, training, and planning activities.


  • Track, manage, and report on inquiries, applicants, admits, and enrollees. Facilitate enrollment goal setting.  Follow up on leads generated through referrals, marketing, and other promotional efforts.  Hold individual appointments with prospective students as needed and assist students through all steps of the admission process.  Connect students with faculty to answer specific program-related questions.

Industry Savvy

  • Be intimately knowledgeable about your product by meeting  with all the program leads within the areas you are recruiting on a regular basis to develop a very strong understanding of the programs we offer and why students should want to pursue their career advancement goals with us.
  • Development a strong understanding of the medical industry in order to speak to your prospective students needs and wants.

Job Qualifications

Necessary Education or Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree (desired)
  • Experience working within a college or university setting (desired)

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Good  communication and  presentation  skills  with  an  ability  to  work  both  independently   and collaboratively with others
  • Ability to organize and prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines that change rapidly
  • Ability to effectively lead staff and students
  • Ability to work with diverse populations

Required Technical Skills

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint
  • Must be willing to learn Infomaker and other internal data management tools

Other Qualifications

Edgewood College, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is committed to academic excellence through diversity in its faculty, staff, and students. Candidates must demonstrate multicultural competence — the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to work with others who are culturally different from self in meaningful, relevant, and productive ways. Applicants from traditionally underrepresented populations including women and racial and ethnic minorities are especially encouraged to apply. The selected candidate must actively support the mission of the College by working with faculty, staff and students to share in our core values — truth, compassion, justice, partnership, and community.

To apply: Send a cover letter, resume, and references to:

Edgewood College
Human Resources - ADNR
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison, WI 53711
Equal Opportunity Employer