Undergrad Computer Class

Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems major prepares you for success in a fast-growing and ever-changing world. Jobs in Computing and Information Sciences are not just about programming or sitting in a cubicle all day. It is an expansive field where communication, people skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving talents are combined with information technology in order to solve technological problems. If you like helping people, solving puzzles, and finding better ways to get things done, a major in Computing and Information Sciences might be right for you!

The Computer Information Systems major includes classes that provide opportunities for you to learn core concepts of computing, information systems development, programming, database development, networking, and web development. You will learn to build websites, program in different languages, build information systems, and to build databases.


My internship at CUNA Mutual Group me helped realize how the Edgewood College values prepared me to make a difference in the surrounding community. While I gained expertise in my area of study, putting the Edgewood College values into practice also helped me interact with diverse groups of people.
Idah Karonga ’16