Undergraduate Mathematics

Mathematics fosters rigorous and abstract thinking, effective communication of technical ideas, and creative problem-solving. As a student, you’ll engage in a variety of courses reflecting the breadth and depth of the discipline, including courses in Statistics, Probability, Number Theory, Geometry, Calculus, and Analysis. 

You’ll soon realize that while mathematics is an age-old discipline, it constantly provides new ways of thinking about new problems and issues. Current areas of research in the mathematical sciences include internet security, climate change, and the economy. 

The Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching majors are designed to meet your needs as a student who may be choosing from a wide variety of career paths.  



Program Highlights

  • A major in mathematics has the flexibility to prepare you for graduate study in mathematics, and/or a career in teaching, business, or industry. 

  • You will enjoy the opportunity to study mathematics within a close-knit community that includes individual attention from professors, collaborating in small classes.  

  • Your professors work with you to develop individualized programs that emphasize areas of special interest, such as actuarial science, business and economics, or applied mathematics and pre-engineering. 

Career Outcomes

Greater Madison is home to numerous corporations such as Epic, CUNA Mutual, and American Family Insurance. Through established partnerships, these organizations (and others) provide internships which open pathways to meaningful careers built upon a mathematics degree achieved through a liberal arts lens. 

Students majoring in mathematics have successfully gone on to a variety of pursuits including graduate studies, high school teaching, careers in the insurance industry, finance, and the technology sector. 

  • evelyn-walker
    My professors at Edgewood College challenged me to be the best student and person that I could be, both in and out of the classroom. This prepared me to become a true asset to my department where I became a leader. My professors’ leadership, understanding and compassion resonated with me and with the decisions that I make every day– so much that I maintain those friendships even today.
    Evelyn Walker '14, Mathematics and Studies in Education

Faculty Spotlight

  • Susan Hollingsworth

    Associate Professor