Science Virtual Seminar Watch Party

Location: Sonderegger 308 (Geosciences Laboratory)

FOOD & DRINKS? YES! Refreshments will be served (while supplies last).

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is proud to
relaunch the Distinguished Lecture Series (funded by the Paul R.
and Virginia P. Halmos Endowment Fund) - now in a virtual
format! The lectures feature some of the foremost experts within
the field of mathematics, known for their ability to make current
mathematical ideas accessible to non-specialists.

About this Event:
Dr. Tadashi Tokieda will present on Pure
Mathematics as Applied Physics
Humans tend to be better at physics than at mathematics. When
an apple falls from a tree, there are more people who can catch it
—they know physically how the apple moves—than people
who can compute its trajectory from a differential equation.
Applying physical ideas to discover and explain mathematical
results is therefore natural, even if it has seldom been tried in the
history of science. (The exceptions include Archimedes, some
old Russian sources, a recent book of Levi’s, as well as my articles
and lectures.) A variety of elementary yet surprising examples
will be presented.

About the Speaker: Tadashi Tokieda is a
professor of mathematics at Stanford. He
grew up as a painter in Japan, became a
classical philologist (not to be confused
with philosopher) in France and, having
earned a PhD in pure mathematics from
Princeton, has been an applied
mathematician in England and America.
He is active in outreach, especially via the
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
and the youtube channel Numberphile.

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