Women's Choir, Chamber Singers, Chorale, and Guitar Ensemble in Concert

Location: St. Joseph Chapel

The Music Department at Edgewood College invites you to a concert featuring four ensembles. This special spring celebration includes the Women’s Choir, conducted by Kathleen Otterson; the Guitar Ensemble, directed by Nathan Wysock; the Chamber Singers and the Edgewood Chorale, both conducted by Sergei Pavlov.

The Chamber Singers are featuring a program of works by living, Spanish-speaking composers, including Misa V by Cuban composer Beatriz Corona. The Edgewood Chorale features the Stabat Mater by Joseph Reinberger.

The Women’s Choir and Chamber Singers are student ensembles, while the Guitar Ensemble and Edgewood Chorale are part of Edgewood College’s community outreach, with musicians from all walks of life who want to enjoy music and continue their music education.

Admission is free.

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