EE: Investigations in Nursing

Location: Nona McGreal Room

The Identification of Barriers and Facilitators to the Successful Delivery of Alcohol Brief Interventions by Patient and Family Education Nurses at a Large Academic Medical Center in Wisconsin
Melissa Perkins
Mentors: Maria Yelle, Roberta Pawlak, Melissa Heitzman

Orientation and Professional Development Needs of the RN Transitioning to Ambulatory Care
Sabina Cheatle
Mentors: Yulia Semeniuk, Roberta Pawlak

Improving the Capital Budget Process in the Ophthalmology Ambulatory Clinic Setting
Mary Reilly
Mentors: Tracy Towne, Roberta Pawlak, Ernise Williams

Pilot study: Learning to Use Eyetracking Equipment & Software to Support Future Research
Malina Manivong
Mentor: Lori Severtson

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