College Assembly

Location: Washburn Heritage Room

For Faculty and Staff.


Reflection (Mary Klink)

Year of Compassion

Kudos from Community

President’s Update

  • Start of academic year
  • Status of new initiatives (Ideas for Impact, Annual Trustees Opportunities Fund)

Engagement: Moving toward Measures (homework assignment)

During August Seminar, Dr. Flanagan introduced the five indicators of progress as it relates to the Strategic Framework:

    • 100% of students will have 2 or more engaged/enriched learning experiences upon graduation
    • 75% of degree-seeking students will graduate
    • 50% of students will be traditional undergrads (the other 50% will be returning adult undergraduate or graduate students)
    • 25% of students will come from ALANA backgrounds
    • 0% achievement gap in retention/graduation between ALANA and non-ALANA students

HOMEWORK: Please think about ways the College can move the needle on one or more of these indicators and bring those ideas to College Assembly on Monday.  We’ll engage in some group discussion around your ideas.

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