Edgewood Engaged: Investigations in Social Psychology

Location: Predolin 115B
Mentor: Joan Schilling
The Effects of Vivid Images on Attitudes toward Immigrants
Emma Graham, Riley Larson, Liz Schroeder, Ray Walker
The Relationship between Drinking Behavior and Self-esteem
Isabelle Castleberg, Jackie Friesen, Rebekah Herring
The Effects of Target Gender on the Fundamental Attribution Error
Cory Alfaro, Haileigh Phillips, Holly Schaal, Rachael Thompson
Are Sports Still Gender Specific?
Shaylie Ashland, Amanda Hilby, Gabby Miller, Sarah Uczen
The Effects of Humorous Messages on Willingness to Help the Homeless
Hayley Nau
The Effect of Political Orientations on the Perceptions of Derogatory
Humor Directed toward President Trump
Lauren Kane
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