A Dominican Vision for Antiracism

We have embraced the vision of becoming antiracist and multicultural by intentionally dismantling our racist structures, practices, and procedures. We want to collaborate and work together as a collective with others who challenge racism in the world. Together, we will transform our world into a holy and just society for all.
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa
diversity report
Reclaiming our Dominican Identity: Becoming Antiracist & Multicultural
2019-2020 academic year inclusion update
The 2019-2020 academic year was a time of transitions, turbulence and major challenges that impacted our community profoundly. in the summer of 2019, Edgewood College president, Scott Flanagan, resigned from his position after serving the college for twenty years, and Sister Mary Ellen Gevelinger was introduced as the 8th college president. When she took charge, she inherited a large budget deficit, trends of declining enrollment, a significant need to reduce the size of the workforce, and opportunities to redefine the academic structure of the college. Administration began addressing each of these issues over the fall term; however, no one could have predicted what the spring semester had in store: two viruses which continue to plague our community & society.