Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Learning: Anchored in our Dominican heritage…

  1. Sponsored by the Sinsinawa Dominicans, Edgewood College is a community of learners that affirms both its Catholic heritage and its respect for other religious traditions and spiritual perspectives.
  2. Dominicans are called to preach the Gospel as a way to nurture relations among people of every rank and class, based upon recognition of their basic needs, human dignity, and infinite value.
  3. A Sinsinawa Dominican education celebrates a diverse and collaborative community. Students are taught to share their talents and insights, to collaborate with others, to recognize diversity and differences in our world with respect.
  4. In that tradition, we welcome people who reflect the rich diversity of the world’s cultures, perspectives, and experiences.

Beliefs: What does this really mean to us…

  1. Injustices and inequities of power and privilege are a reality in our world, and their existence serves to perpetuate both overt and subtle discrimination, intolerance, hate, micro-aggressions, and attitudes of indifference.
  2. Each of us has the ability and responsibility–in our pursuit of justice–to address inequities in all aspects of our institutional life that interfere with the fulfillment of our mission, vision, and values.
  3. Diversity is an essential element of meaningful teaching and learning. Its presence deepens and makes more authentic our search for truth through multiple perspectives.
  4. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion draws us into the world and invites the world to our College. It acknowledges our mutual dependency and shared responsibility for each other and the common good.

Actions: What we are called to do…

  1. We seek to create inclusive living, learning, and working environments that reflect the demographics of the communities we serve and that foster open, compassionate, and thoughtful dialogue and engagement with one another.
  2. We expect all members of our College to assume responsibility for understanding and engaging with the diverse individuals and communities that comprise our learning community, with particular attention to groups that have historically been marginalized in society and institutions of higher education.
  3. We will acknowledge and confront inequalities and injustices, including those that negatively impact teaching and learning and those that exist at the institutional level – structures, policies, and practices.
  4. We will ensure that ongoing opportunities for learning and professional development around issues of diversity and inclusion exist for our students, faculty, and staff.

Office of Mission, Values, and Inclusion