Bindert Exhibition Large Scale Woodcuts Opens

  • Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Madison, Wis. (March 26, 2015) - Edgewood College is honored to present LARGE SCALE WOODCUTS, an exhibition of prints by Matthew Bindert. The exhibition opens Wednesday, April 15, at the Edgewood College Gallery.

The public is invited to the Artist’s Reception on Friday, April 17, from 5:00-7:30 pm. The exhibition runs from April 15 through May 17.

LARGE SCALE WOODCUTS, a solo exhibit of prints, revolves around the issues stemming from the impact of globalization and consumerism on our culture and environment. The exhibition is an expressive and conceptual response to globalization’s dual nature of being a force for good and extreme destruction at the same time. Bindert creates from the belief that issues such as poverty, war, exploitation, and the conservation of the environment and culture need to be addressed through an interconnected approach to finding solutions.

Bindert’s woodblocks take over the gallery and charge the environment with an interconnected view on global issues. DNA charting, textiles, and modern corporate structures are just some of the source elements that inspire the abstract patterns that he uses as symbols. Woodblock printing, serigraphy, and painting are all used in the process of creating Bindert’s large-scale mixed media works on canvas or Tyvek. His repetitious and intuitive process involves an enormous amount of carving, printing, and painting. 

Throughout Bindert’s body of work, both past and present, he expresses his emotions and responses from his observations, experiences growing up and his travels around the world. He has gathered inspiration from Australia, Ireland, Japan, China, Argentina, and Croatia, to name a few.  This emotional engagement is evident in his aggressive and intense carvings that range in scales of three by four feet to four by twelve feet.

Matthew Bindert was born in Minneapolis and lives in Madison. His work has received numerous awards and has been exhibited consistently in the Minneapolis and Madison region as well as Chicago, in New York, and across the country.

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