"Every Day Was a New Opportunity"

  • Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016

Julia Carey, a Communications Studies major from Middleton, Wis., is currently an intern in the College’s Athletic Communications Office. And she is well-qualified. Over the summer, she enjoyed an internship with FOX Sports North, living and working in the Twin Cities. Ms. Carey took a few moments, to share her experience.

About my internship

  • FOX Sports North - Marketing and Communications Intern (Summer 2015 in Minneapolis, Minn.)
  • Researched and created social media content for FOX Sports North and FOX Sports Wisconsin
  • Analyzed Twitter and Facebook posts for FOX Sports North and FOX Sports Wisconsin
  • Researched and contributed to an effective growth of FOX Sports North’s Instagram page
  • Managed marketing events including the FOX Sports North venue at the Minnesota State Fair and various Minnesota Twins viewing parties
  • Volunteered at The Celebrity Waiter Event to benefit The Boys and Girls Club; co-hosted by Roy Smalley and Tim Laudner and featured FOX Sports North talent and Minnesota Twins players 

How I chose this internship

“I have a passion for sports as well as media communications and I wanted to experience an internship in Sports Julia Carey at Fox Sports studiosCommunication. After an extensive search for an opportunity in a bigger market that included sports, I was grateful to find a connection to the FOX Sports Internship Program. After learning about what this internship entailed, I was certain I would have an amazing experience, learn about communications and marketing for a corporate company, and I would be able to fulfill my passion of working with sports.”

Most important things I’ve learned

“I learned so much from my internship; it was an incredible opportunity! I gained firsthand experience working in a corporate environment and I was able to work on various tasks and projects to expand my skills. I am also grateful that I was able to utilize social media in a professional setting and work on effective copy. Every day was a new opportunity to write and create engaging and purposeful copy, which I found to be exciting and rewarding.”

Using what I’ve learned so far in Communication Studies

“Every class in Communication Studies provides you with helpful skills, strategies, and techniques to effectively communicate in a professional setting. For my internship, the Group Communication course, as well as the Social Media: Brands, Influencers, and Human Community course were particularly helpful as I worked with many people during my internship as well as created social media copy daily for numerous platforms.”

Potential benefits for my career

“My internship with FOX Sports was a great opportunity that positively benefitted my future career goals. I learned many career-based skills, worked in a corporate environment, and gained valuable life and career lessons.  Not only was I able to experience the communication and marketing aspects of my intern position, I was able to learn from professionals in other sports-related fields.  Being on set during shows and game productions as well as being in the booth during press conferences were experiences that opened my career ideas even further.  I would love to have a career in a similar communications field when I graduate and I am so grateful for learning about other possibilities as well.”

About the Communication Studies major

I could not be happier with my experience at Edgewood College in the Communication Studies program. The professors plan engaging classes and lessons that prepare you for life after graduation and the advisors are influential in guiding your studies. I love that Communication Studies and Edgewood College students are ‘not just another student’—we are valued members of an incredible learning community.