Henry J. Predolin Foundation Gifts $1,165,000 for Scholarships

  • Monday, Mar 6, 2023

Madison, Wis. (March 6, 2023) – Henry J. Predolin Foundation is pleased to announce a grant of $1,165,000 to Edgewood College. This grant—a record high amount among their 15 years of annual grants to the College—will provide scholarships for approximately 166 students—incoming first-year, upper-level, and transfer students to Edgewood College.

“The impact of the past 15 years of support received from Predolin Foundation is evident not only in our beautiful buildings and program equipment, but in the lives of hundreds of successful alumni whose experience here was ensured through the Predolin Scholarships,” President Andrew Manion, said. “We look forward to partnering with Predolin Foundation to serve hundreds more students as they become our future nurses, scientists, and entrepreneurs in work reflective of the mission of Edgewood College.”

To date, Edgewood College has received more than $12 million in support from Predolin Foundation. These generous grants are made annually to support undergraduate students majoring in the areas of Business, Nursing, and Science. Predolin Foundation grant funds are allocated toward scholarships, new equipment, and capital construction for those academic areas. Since 2008, the total scholarship support received from Predolin Foundation is more than $8 million and has benefitted more than 550 students.

“Henry Predolin was committed to excellence in higher education and wished to empower success in those who chose to pursue it. Not all students can afford to obtain a college degree, and Mr. Predolin knew that for some he could create that opportunity. For this reason, Predolin Foundation prioritizes scholarship funding for Edgewood College. Predolin Foundation’s Board of Directors is pleased to act on Mr. Predolin’s vision with our highest award to scholarships.” Bob Chritton, Predolin Foundation President, said.

Scholarships from Predolin Foundation continue to be among the largest and most far-reaching benefactor-supported scholarships offered at Edgewood College.

Henry Predolin served on the Board of Trustees of Edgewood College from 1988 to 1991, and was instrumental in helping to develop the vision for the campus master plan. Mr. Predolin was known for his strong work ethic and attention to detail. Mr. Predolin established Henry J. Predolin Foundation to honor the memory of his son, Henry J. Predolin.