College Responds to Cardinal Stritch Announcement

  • Thursday, Apr 20, 2023

Madison, Wis. (April 20, 2023) – Edgewood College is responding to students affected by the recent announcement that Cardinal Stritch University will close this year at the end of the spring semester.

“This hits close to home both literally, as they are only about 90 miles from here, and symbolically, as they are a fellow WAICU institution,” President Andrew Manion, said. “Our missions are aligned, and some of our employees have Stritch degrees. It is sad that an institution with so noble a mission was unable to continue.”

For Stritch students impacted by the closing, Edgewood College is offering guaranteed acceptance, acceptance of all of transfer credits, and more – covering both undergraduate and graduate students.

“The Cardinal Stritch community was there for me during a time of uncertainty and change,” Lisa Kidd, Associate Vice President for Marketing Strategy at Edgewood College, said. “We want to extend to Stritch students - with sincerity and compassion - that the community of Edgewood College is here for Stritch students now, and in their future.” Kidd is a graduate of Cardinal Stritch University.

Details for Cardinal Stritch students and their families are available online.