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Dear Cardinal Stritch Students,

My name is Lisa Kidd and I currently serve as the AVP for Marketing Strategy at Edgewood College. More importantly, I am a proud Cardinal Stritch alumna, class of 1993.  I transferred to Cardinal Stritch after 1.5 years attending a public university, unsure of what I wanted to do and where I belonged. It was during this time that I found myself – both personally and academically – within the Stritch community. Individuals who were there for me then, are still there now. Individuals like Tim Abler who taught me about photography, design, and served as my advisor. And President Dan Scholz who worked in various administrative offices when I was a student, but always had time to say hi.

The Cardinal Stritch community was there for me during a time of uncertainty and change and I want to extend to you with sincerity and compassion that the Edgewood College community is here for you now...and in your future.

I can’t imagine what you are going through – the emotions, the planning of where to go – and what seems like every college near and far is reaching out to you, asking you to consider their school. We are too, let’s be honest. So why Edgewood College?

Edgewood College and Cardinal Stritch University are rooted in Catholic Social Teachings, found within both the Dominican and Franciscan traditions. Our missions and values align. This year Cardinal Stritch University is celebrating the value of Compassion – which is also a value of ours – and we are reaching out to you with compassion.

We offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees and we will meet you where you left off at Stritch. Here’s how:

  • We guarantee your acceptance into Edgewood College.
  • We will accept all of your transfer credits.
  • We will match your Graduate and Doctoral tuition rates.
  • We will work to match your Undergraduate tuition rate and work closely with you regarding your financial aid package.
  • Students in good standing in nursing can transfer into our Henry Predolin School of Nursing – bachelor’s and master’s levels.
  • Looking to move to Madison? We have spaces on-campus for you to consider.


Learn more about our Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees

Connect with us:

Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@edgewood.edu

Graduate Admissions at gps@edgewood.edu

Connect with me on LinkedIn (or check that I’m legit) – I’d love to hear more about your Cardinal Stritch experience and how Edgewood College is where you want to finish your degree!

We are here for you, now and in your future.