Undergraduate Film Studies

The Edgewood College film studies minor allows students to see how this art form both reflects on and influences the time in which it was made.  The film minor here helps students understand that power of film as it tells us about the world and the human condition. This is great for personal growth and for anyone who is interested in teaching, as well.


Program Highlights

Madison has a very active film community, there are a number of small, independent film makers along with a number of regional film festivals.  The film studies minor is a perfect addition for the theatre major, and to anyone in education. Film is always changing and evolving, reflecting the character of society and the advancements of cinematic technology. Film courses offered at Edgewood College explore those elements and how they reflect to our contemporary society.

Career Outcomes

Career possibilities for students with film minors include: working with film companies, film archives, festivals, art manager, critic, journalist, artist, teacher, dramaturg, actor, photographer, story editor, story board artists, casting director, publicist, camera operator, screen writer, script supervisor, sound editor, prop master, costume designer, and library assistant. The minor is a perfect addition for the theatre major and to anyone in education. In any field you go in to, a knowledge of film opens up a world of relationships and examples you can draw on.

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