Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program

The first place-based, face-to-face social innovation and sustainability leadership MA program in the nation.

We believe the purpose of leadership is to co-create well-being in ourselves, our workplaces and in our communities through bridging the three divides.*

    1. The divide between self and our highest potential. How do we become the most effective leader possible and co-create well-being in our organizations and communities?

    2. The divide between self and others. How do we strengthen relationship with other individuals and groups so that we can have a more equitable and inclusive world?

    3. The divide between self and nature. How do we create organizational, social, and economic systems that are in harmony with natural systems?

*Adapted from the work of the Presencing Institute


The Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership program gave me the confidence to think of myself as a leader and discover how I could empower myself and others to make an impact on issues involving equity and inclusion. I couldn't be more appreciative of the curriculum. The instructors, readings, guest speakers, and field trips gave us a perspective and access to knowledge that we wouldn't have necessarily found on our own.
Annette Miller, Social Entrepreneur